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Neighborhood Stabilization Program

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) was created to respond to rising residential foreclosures and property abandonment. The main purpose of the NSP is to stabilize neighborhoods negatively impacted by foreclosures. Orange County will use these 27 million dollars to assist with acquisition, repair and sale of foreclosed homes.

Homes purchased by Orange County will have updated Energy Star rated appliances to make the home more energy efficient and affordable. Home will be sold at affordable, below market value prices. Buyers can receive up to $25,000 of downpayment assistance.

You can actually choose the home you would like for Orange County to rehabilitate or repair on your behalf as long as the property meets certain requirements.

You can pick your home* (subject to Target Area and Market Value).

The county also has a list of homes that have already been rehabilitated.

The county will repair and upgrade homes on a regular basis.

You get up to $25,000 in assistance.

You Do Not need to be a first time buyer.

Prices up to $219000.

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