COVID-19 Sell Safe System - Click Here

Meet in person, by phone or zoom for your Rent-to Own consult

Once qualified, you will go out with one of our real estate agents to pick the home you want from any available for sale in your area for $20000+

Once you qualify for a mortgage, you cancel the lease penalty -free and buy your home

If you still aren’t ready at the end of the lease, if you’ve been paying on time you can renew your lease for another year.

500- minimum credit score

$4000 minimum Monthly income

50% maximum Debt to Income (DTI)

12+ months of on time rent payments

$5,000 Saving, 401(k) or gift

Our COVID 19 Seller Protection Program makes the house selling process safe in these uncertain times.

Get more information by completing the form on this page or calling 321-436-5463.

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