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How to Better Manage

Your Credit Score


Maintain Peace of Mind

Let’s face it. We live in a credit crazed society. The times have certainly changed, and more and more business is now being conducted with the simple swipe of a card. In fact, a high percentage of the purchases we make on a daily basis are completed by using either credit or debit. These cards are very convenient, easy to carry and are usually safer than walking around with a wad of cash in our wallets or purses.

On the other hand, credit is a strong indicator of your spending habits, and can even make or break you when applying for loans or larger purchases. Just like fire, if credit is not contained and channeled properly, it can easily consume your financial status and engulf everything in its path. Therefore, we need to know what is healthy, how the bureaus evaluate our information, and what we can do to employ better habits in our own lives.

According to, the average credit card debt per household with credit is $14,750. This statistic is staggering evidence that we have allowed things to get out of control; thus, we must take action to improve our own situation. Although this brief report is not intended to teach you how to pay off your outstanding debts, we will reveal the very behaviors you must begin to practice in order to maintain healthy credit and to keep your financial house in order.

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